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One of the most frequently asked questions from my customers is ”how can you tell a copy of a Staffordshire pottery figure from the real thing? This is a very relevant question when buying Staffordshire animals and figures because many copies and fakes have been made.Many reproductions figure and groups are still being made today and although they are not sold by the manufacturers as the “real thing” they can,when in the hands of the unscrupulous or the ignorant dealer be passed off to the unwary, sometimes for a large amount of money!So, apart from the usual advice of buying from a reputable dealer who will guarantee their stock and give you an authentic receipt as your proof of purchase, remember the golden rule “let the buyer beware”.Quite often when we come across a “find” and we think it is undervalued we stay with the hope without considering the full facts!

The vast majority of figurines found in Canada were produced in the Staffordshire part of England and imported throughout the 19 a pack of dogs (highlighted in yellow).

However, they normally closed the base with extra clay, often leaving a small hole left to allow air to escape during the firing (The modern method is to pour slip-clay (thin clay) into a plaster-of-Paris mould.

The latter absorbs some of the water and leaves a clay wall inside. Through the large hole left in the bottom you can see that the interior of the clay wall is smooth (In applying these generalizations to the charming group illustrated here of ‘a kiltie boy’, a girl with plaid skirt and sash, a tame bird and loving spaniel, one observes the rich, dark blue colors, the burnished gilt, the spontaneous and vivid brushwork (orange, green, blue, yellow, pink), the oval base, the flatback, and the deeply recessed bottom (.

These Staffordshire figures complement a beautiful piece of furniture or look lovely grouped in a cabinet or bookcase display.

Every generation has had its love of sentiment, even though we usually heap most of its glory on the Victorians.

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One of the more charming outlets for Victorian emotions is the Staffordshire figurine from the 19By the 19th century, with the growth of the middle classes, more statues were needed with a cheaper manufacturing cost.

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