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Between 20, the prevalence of HPV was 7.3 percent amongst adults aged 18 to 69 years. A genital wart is a contagious fleshy growth on the external genitals or anus.

It consists of fibrous overgrowths covered by a thickened outer layer called an epithelium.

Pregnancy problems: There is a small risk that a mother may pass on genital warts during childbirth. A newborn with laryngeal papillomatosis may have genital warts in the mouth.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy may also cause genital warts to grow, bleed, or multiply.

These warts can appear around a man's scrotum, anus, and penis, or a woman's vulva, cervix, vagina, or anus.

Some genital warts are so small that they can only be detected with a colposcopic exam of the cervix and vagina or a Pap smear.

Cancer: HPV infection is associated with cervical cancer, as well as cancer of the vulva, anus, penis, mouth, and throat.

Not all HPV infections lead to cervical cancer, but it is crucial for a woman's long-term health that she attends regular Pap screenings.

Patients should not use bath oils, soap, or creams until after the treatment is completed.

OTC treatments specified for non-genital warts are not suitable for the treatment of genital warts.

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Genital warts, like other warts, are caused by over 100 types of HPV that infect the top layers of the skin.

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