Dating the pastor

He is a single man who allegedly had sex that resulted in a child.

This is hardly a unique occurrence.” “Then there are those, who say Bryant has gone too far.

You might look for friendship within your church congregation and realize you don’t have a confidant. Other pastor’s wives may be too busy to listen or connect. Then there is the loneliness of physical distance from familiar places and family… If your wholeness does not come from within, it might be a very broken and disappointing road.

(Here are four things loneliness in ministry has taught me about friendship.) I’ve been blessed by friendships with women who have (and continue to) shape and mentor me as a younger pastor’s wife.

"I call her my last lady.” Pastor Bryant was formerly married to star Gizelle Bryant, but their marriage ended because of Bryant's infidelity.

I read a lot, try to implement what I’m learning, and seek sound, Biblical counseling when there are issues in my life that I can’t work through on my own.

No one really likes to have to be the “mature” one who doesn’t speak her mind, defend herself, or take offense in difficult situations.

I’m by no means suggesting that a pastor’s wife should never speak up for herself.

Singer Tweet has found love…and it’s in the church.

It appears that the R&B artist has been in a relationship with Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore-based mega church Empowerment Temple AME Church.

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