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And yet the first date is really more about getting to know a persona rather than locking lips right away.

Essentially whether or not to kiss depends on what your or your partner’s dating priorities are.

Of the many first-date issues that wrack a man or woman, perhaps none is as insistent as the matter whether or not to kiss the first time you are going out with someone.

If you have been obsessing about this every time you are out on a date, maybe it is time to deal with the issue head on. Kissing is sweet; and fun and exciting, especially when you are doing with someone you find yourself attracted to.

All these are signs of flirtation and if a partner is unabashedly indulging them on a date, it is definitely a green signal to you to go ahead and plant that kiss.

Examine the dynamics Even if you are meeting someone with the express intention of a romantic partnership, it may be rather premature to land a kiss on your partner’s mouth.

If you have had garlic or onion-based appetizers or foods during the date, ensure that you take a mint or gum to dispel the pungency.

Offer one to your date too, and even if neither of you require it, it will send the message across that you are thinking of a liplock to seal the deal.

Wait a while Even if the mutual attraction is undeniable, it is better to give the lip lock a miss on your first date – if only to increase the sweet agony and anticipation till you meet each other the second time. However if you are sure you want to kiss your partner on the very first date, the next thing to consider is whether he/she is equally eager to do so.

Also holding off kissing on the first date implies that you are serious about your partner and looking forward to a series of meetings where you can naturally develop the intimacy rather than rush through the motions on the very first evening. To decide this you will need to look closely at your partner’s behavior through the evening.

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