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By the late 2000s, students had one chance to complete classes in Improv and Writing.Failure to pass either of these classes means a student cannot complete the program, nor be invited into the Sunday Company.He was accepted but, due to the stiff competition, he had to wait more than a year before starting to perform in shows.) With such a large company, workshops seven days a week, and sold-out shows going up three nights a weekend, The Groundlings needed a place to call their own.The Groundlings School of improvisation officially began in 1978 with 17 students and staff members Gary Austin, Tom Maxwell, Phyllis Katz, and Tracy Newman.

Students may be asked to repeat Basic and Intermediate classes multiple times.

Esteemed LA Times theatre critic, Sylvie Drake, was in the audience that first weekend, and wrote a rave review.

"This could be the start of something big," Drake predicted.

Later that year, Lorne Michaels, who produced Tomlin's TV special, asked Groundling Laraine Newman to be a cast member for his new late night comedy series Saturday Night Live. To keep the size down, the company required selection by audition.

(Phil Hartman, then a graphic designer, tried out in the first audition.

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