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A month has passed since Danny Fenton's exposure to his parents' Ghost Portal turned him into a human-ghost hybrid.When his goth friend Sam changes the lunch menu to ultra-recyclo vegetarian, the vengeful ghost/meat monster of the previous Casper high school lunch lady reanimates to bring evil meat justice back to the high school.

Using his newfound ability to "overshadow" or inhabit another's body, he talks his way out of trouble in his dad's body.To make matters worse, because the lab and household junk he sells to pay for his cool new outfit has been infused with a spectral influence, Technus, Master of All Things Electronic, is on the loose!It's up to Danny to save the city, make it to the party in time, and reconcile with Sam and Tucker.With 20 years more experience with his ghost powers and motivated by a hatred for Jack, Vlad becomes Danny's archenemy.Note: Sam and Tucker are not present in this episode, nor are they mentioned or referenced.

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Already afraid that his parents might get divorced, Danny accidentally knocks Jack's wedding anniversary gift to Maddie into the Ghost Zone.

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