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It is not uncommon for slaves to hold what Mathewson calls "a perverse loyalty" to their masters, who exert psychological as well as physical control over them, and the boys' mother actually testified on behalf of the slaveholder.

Nonetheless, the slaveholder was convicted that December, and served four months of a two-year sentence before being released on bail, pending an appeal.

Mauritania, in western Africa, is a cloistered kind of country, an Islamic republic with unpaved roads and street corner moneychangers.

With her soft voice and beatific smile, she might best be described as a presence.Lam notes, however, that to date, only one slaveholder has been conclusively prosecuted for owning slaves, in November 2011, after two boys - aged 10 and 12 - escaped confinement and turned to the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (the IRA).The IRA directed the boys to SOS Esclaves, who took the case to court, and the two boys were able to testify against the man who had held them.In 1981, the government became the last in the world to abolish slavery, but slave-owning did not become a punishable offence until 2007.In August of this year, thanks to the efforts of anti-slavery activists such as Lam, the country doubled the prison term for offenders from 10 to 20 years, and criminalised 10 other forms of slavery, including forced marriage.

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A holistic fight against social injustice It is Ramadan when I visit and the temperature in Nouakchott has risen to its typical summer high of somewhere around 43 degrees.

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