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Instead, what you want to see and hear is that your daughter is so sophisticated that — just as Samantha proposes — she actually fits in better with the college-age crowd.

I realize that’s hard to gauge, but you have to figure it out before knowing what’s going on with this guy.

It is extraordinarily easy for older teens and young adults to end up as sex offenders in Kansas and most states right now.

Unless you’ve studied this more closely than the average citizen, you’ve no idea how damaging it will be for a son or daughter who gets caught up with an underage partner.

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Instead of flying off the handle and grounding his 10-year-old daughter, Kevin Jones made sure no one could confuse her for a 15, 16 or 17-year-old again.

Wes and Samantha: I’m having a hard time knowing how to handle my daughter’s relationship. Samantha: A younger girl dating an older guy comes with assumptions. Either way, this relationship could be good for her.

I don’t know why he would be interested in a girl this young. He will introduce her to drugs and alcohol prematurely. Your daughter may be ready to date a guy who is more mature than high school guys, or maybe she just has more in common with him than she does with guys her age.

First, the guy needs to be interested in her because she is a remarkably mature young woman.

The worst thing I ever hear in these cases is a girl who says, “Don’t worry, he doesn’t act like he’s 21.” Somehow that’s supposed to equal things out — that a guy of 21 is so childlike that he fits in perfectly in the sophomore class.

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Your daughter must keep following basic rules (like curfew, grades, etc.), and her boyfriend needs to support that WITHOUT FAIL.

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