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Her investments in Connecticut real estate have made her quite wealthy. Now she audits all of the club owner's POS systems throughout New England and, at the same time, manages the MG upstairs bar and VIP Lounge.She runs a very tight ship, which surprises a lot of patrons (and dancers) who know her only as a former Porn Star.sounds not only desperate but strange that he wanted her to whore after knowing she is in a marriage and doing other things with her life.

As far as the site was concerned, she didn't escort or even strip anymore.

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say it was the home invasion that made her decide to back out of the public eye more than the "outing".

"[/I][/B] wow that guy couldn't get it through his head that she moved on.

" "I spent a couple of days in Springfield late last year (2003)visiting with Leanni. I found her -- very much alive -- in the Mardi Gras upstairs VIP bar, which also serves as the "hostess" station for the Champagne Room (the area for private dances).

I had heard a variety of rumors about her health, her mental stability, and her sudden retirement. Leanni and I had spent many happy hours together the year before (2002) frolicking on the CR sofas.

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