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Cross-class liaisons, though deemed unsafe and therefore immoral by an establishment anxious to preserve itself, were not uncommon.

But there was much more to Arthur and Hannah's marriage than the thrill of forbidden love.

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Radio host Howard Stern’s longtime second banana Robin Quivers reveals one of her favorite tunes is Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir because of the sex.

Robin says a boyfriend kept playing the song during a night of quivering lovemaking.

When his will was read, his family and friends were shocked to discover that this ultra-respectable poet-lawyer - friend of Ruskin, Tennyson, Rossetti and Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (co-founder of Girton College) - had for years been secretly married to the servant who slept in the basement kitchen of his chambers.

In Hannah, whom he discovered on Oxford Street in May 1854, he believed he had found his perfect subject: "her clothing, her large bare round ruddy arms and her laborious hands were those of the humblest servant, but her lovely young face was queenlike in feature and expression…Such a combination I had dreamt of and sought for, but I have never seen it save in her".We know all this because Arthur donated to his old Cambridge college trunkloads of papers and photographs that he stipulated should remain sealed for 40 years.Diane Atkinson, whose previous work has focused on the Suffragettes and the "sweated labour" of the women of the East End of London, has now taken it upon herself to tell Hannah's story in a way that is calculated to titillate.“I had some of the greatest sex to that song,” she gushes.She didn’t know the band then, but now she can’t get Kashmir out of her mind.

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