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Studies show that any change in your child’s emotional environment, including family, home, school, a death, or change of nanny or teacher, could cause a potty training regression, as he might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

See recommended best dating advice books for Christians and Christian singles.Night-time and naptime bladder control are different from daytime control, and for this reason, staying dry at night could take longer, and should be dealt with differently.“During children’s toddler years, they wet the bed because they simply haven’t mastered night-time bladder control,” explains Dr James Dobson in his book, ALSO SEE: 4 tips for night time potty training“Some parents wake their children up every two to three hours at night to go to the potty – even when they’re not fully awake,” says Dr Dobson.Avoid overreacting if he has a few “accidents” during the day, and keep moving forward.Chances are, as soon as things in your environment settle down, your child will too, says Ann.“Many kids are not dry at night for years after they are dry during the day,” explains US-based paediatrician Dr J Goldstein.

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