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"Raising a character's flags" essentially means that you make choices that improve your standing with that character and which are more likely to put you on his/her route.This terminology is quite common even outside of visual novels in anime.Anyone familiar with dating sims and romance visual novels will recognize the term "flag" in that context.

Later in the game, the flag is checked and if has been activated, if will trigger the event where your house has burns down and you have to move in with a friend.

If the requirement's cleared, one says "the flag is true" or "the flag's been raised." When it's not met, one says "a false flag falls." Flag (Derivative) 1 Originally a programming term, it's come to be used to mean "progress in a relationship," "omen of disaster," and other divergent meanings.

A famous flag is "speaking optimistically and holding onto hope when things are dire." Since most die after this, it's known as a "death flag." Flag (Derivative) 2 When a flag doesn't go as expected, or when a person stops the outcome themselves or ignores it, it's known as "breaking the flag." Those who do this excesivelly are called "Flag Crushers." The usage has diverged from the meaning, and programmers in nations outside Japan say using the word Flag Item In Gamindustri, once in a great while, the usually intangible concept of "flag" materializes into an item.

During your next playthrough at some point dring the game, the game checks for this flag has been activated and if has, you get a new choice that allows you to access Z's route.

This is typically done to control player progress in the game as Z's route might spoil story elements in Y's route.

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