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Many of these engagers extort money out of some poor schmuck by directing him to Ashley Madison’s “premium” services, but more often than not the engagers are fairly innocuous, exchanging a few flirty cliches with their targets before fading away.

Ashley Madison is after money, certainly, but also something more amorphous.

If you want to get off on the internet there’s no shortage of ways to do it.

Porn is ubiquitous and obvious, but there’s also internet-specific sex work.

Whether or not Sensation Bot is actually sexy depends on how much you like stock phrases and porn cliches.This is all to say that there are very few people who would have sex with a robot over an actual human being, even on the internet.Of course there’s a fetish for everything, robot sex included.Instead, according to a crude MS Paint portrait that sits on the top left of its home page, Sensation Bot is a series of grey blobs dotted with beady HAL-red eyes and a wide grin—a dollar-store knockoff of the Reddit logo.Under the picture Sensation Bot greets us with an innocuous “Hi there.” Sure, there’s a G-Rated chat for the under-18 sect, and a “Romantic” chat for the “ladies” whose sensibilities might be shaken by Sensation Bot’s relentlessly filthy smut, but Sensation Bot’s programmers clearly spent a lot of energy on creating a chat bot specifically for sex.

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