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His recording is a very fine country performance that would have sat nicely on a yellow Sun 78 in about 1953, or come to that on a Bluebird 78 circa 1940.

According to Manuel's son, Larry, who joined his father's band as a accordionist around 1953 and recalls playing the song many times, the guitarist playing the bluesy licks is Lee Adkins, making probably his first recordings, and the bass player is Danny Chambers.

Alton (Lott) lived there then, working at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, so we lived in the same household. The singer is Joe Manuel, radio performer and emcee of the Saturday Night Jamboree in Memphis.

Manuel's songs were first credited to Earl Perterson, but, apart from the yodel that did not sound right to us 30 years ago, and the researches Escott, Hawkins, and Davis asked many people who the singer might have been.

Ellis Island is located in the upper bay just off the New Jersey coast, within the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.

This demo recording has rather more energy than the Tennessee discs, and it is easy to see how Sun could have turned this an interesting record either in an uptempo style or as a rockabilly item.

Sam Phillips, Quinton Claunch, Bill Cantrell, Doug Poindexter and many others wished well but offered the no real leads.

Although the artist appeared very assured before the microphone, the song was never registered with BMI and a comparison of the voice with a multitude of post-War Memphis recordings still left us nowhere.

During the message, the sound of machinery of some kind can be heard in the background.

The date of this demo recording is not clear, but it was probably made in the middle of the 1950s when Slim was resident in Memphis.

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No matter, really, for it is a bright and humorous country boogie that makes a welcome contribution here.

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