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Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Day (LPAPSD in our house) is one of Kelly’s favorite days of the year, but I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room. ET, and we’re giving away another 0 gift card to shop the sale to a lucky reader. so I highly recommend checking the blog frequently today!

And I’m not talking about that fluorescent elephant dress you should probably just put in your cart. The winner, who will be announced tomorrow, will also receive a 0 gift card. Here’s the deal for today’s giveaway: To enter to win, you simply need to comment in the comment section below. The winner will be announced mid-day tomorrow so she has enough time to shop the sale before it ends. Oh, and you can enter to win this gift card three times.

The Marlissa white lace scalloped shift dress: But do we like this one even better, considering it’s scalloped? More: At this point, it seems like most people have been able to get into the sale and shop! Lilly has announced that the actual website is working a bit better than the app. Maybe when everyone’s packages arrive, we can do a group unboxing, and share pix in the comment section, haha. Above are some of my favorites, and here’s what I added to my cart: this navy silk tank, this white lace off-the-shoulder tank (), this silk tank in “Oyster” ( — AHHHH! (Don’t worry: I don’t end up buying everything in my cart.

The Annette white lace shift dress: I was hoping that this one would go on sale! I can’t believe I haven’t featured it on the blog yet, but it’s incredible! Again, nearly all sizes are in stock for sale tops, so that’s awesome. Tops are definitely my favorite to shop for, as the seasons are currently transitioning and I can get a ton of wear out of ’em over the next couple of months.

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If you get lucky and get a hold of one and pull it out, it is a real battle. I only have 5 sores, but two of them take up the back of my ears. I read an article from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute saying that we could possibly die from this.

I wish I’d seen it during my first round of browsing! The accessories section of the sale is definitely the place to score some awesome gifts for family and friends. People have told me that in years past, the site has gone down due to the volume of traffic… Side note: I’m exhausted from watching Kelly just got kicked off the site, but I’m here to remind you that if you simply comment on this blog post (at the very end of it), you’ll be entered to win a 0 e-gift card to shop the sale tomorrow. (Leave you email address below your comment in this format: noodle (at) gmail (dot) com, that way you don’t get spammed.) You can enter up to three times, but your comments must be at least an hour apart. ) which is actually a knit — meaning that it’ll be super cozy this fall and winter. Really: the vast majority of dresses are available in ALL sizes. Not sure why — But definitely worth trying other devices if you’re having trouble with your laptop or desktop.

The Anna Maria Shirt: This is currently in my cart. I know it seems a little early to be shopping for the holidays, but how great would it be to knock out a bunch of ladies on your list all at once?! ” And in your head, you’re like, SO excited to see that my Palazzo Pants (see them on the blog here and here) are included () in the sale, as are my favorite lacey scalloped beach pants. but , Lilly is simply slowing things down to avoid crashes. It was REALLY fun going through the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale and picking out our favorites for you, and if you scroll down, you can see some of them! There are more ridiculous photos of me coming later, so be sure to check back. It seems that Lilly has a LOT of inventory; I hope that eases anxiety if you’re not in yet. :) I’m going through the sale products now and will report back soon! (Laptop number still at 21,000.) shoppers: We are currently experiencing a high volume of traffic and are taking the steps to slow the queue and this might temporarily lead to longer wait times.

If the day requires getting dressed, a properly prepped out guy should don the code that he hopes to get back to at the end of the day. This inky pattern of orange chicken wings will crack up all the chicks. :) Update: I’m number 44,556 in line, and my wait time is more than an hour.

Whether you’re scrambling up some trouble, cracking a few yolks, or just clucking around the coop, Lilly’s “Wingin’ It” is sure to be a hit.

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