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There you find party girl Lancaster in the list that is displayed. By dating Alex you get the benefit of a 50% discount for whatever clothes you buy from any store!

Click it and go to contact, then exit the internet cafe. Then return to the internet cafe and check your mail.

------------------------------------------------ | TABLE OF CONTENTS |------------------------ |------------------------------------------------| Mission List | | 1. Roman will then run out and tell you that those are indeed his loan sharks.

Intro | Below | |------------------------------------------------|------------------------ | 2. ******** * Escape * ******** This is a rare occasion where, rather than you chasing someone, your the one being chased, you have to drive as fast as you can away from the sharks.

********* * Waiting * ********* Just before Roman enters the club, he will give you your phone, have a play around with it, it's going to be with you until the end of the game.

All for One Tips: (Cops) Goal: Kill the boss before he gets to the getaway vehicle. Rather than trying to fight them head on, go to the getaway vehicle and wait there.

These 3 missions have a walkthrough, they are at the bottom of this guide in the acheivment/trophy section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cops n Crooks | -------------------------------------------------------------- There are 2 modes in Cops n Crooks. No matter what mode you choose, there are 2 rounds, in one you are the cops, in the other you are the crooks.

Trophy Achievement Guide | |------------------------------------------------|------------------------ | 7. Legal Stuff | 360 3 | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission Names :::: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- o---------------------o | | | 3. Three's a Crowd | | | Rewards: Michelle, Clothes | Given by: Roman | | | o---------------------o Fun *** Length *** Difficulty * Roman is busy, so you have to pick up Mallorie and Michelle from the subway and then you get offered a date. ********** * Cutscene * ********** Oh no, Roman's getting beaten up, but here's Niko to the rescue so while Roman cleans up the mess, go fetch Mallorie and her friend, Michelle.

Anyway, about halfway through, you will get a call from Roman, accept it and listen, he will gloat about how much he is winning.

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