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To view the Court Approved Protocol, click here May 1, 2014 – Request Form – Deficiency Deadline Extension Should you wish to request and extension of your Deficiency Deadline, please submit a “Request Form – Deficiency Deadline Extension” setting out (a) the steps already taken to cure the deficiencies; (b) the reasons why the deficiencies have not been cured to date; and (c) the new steps you propose to take to cure the deficiencies and how long these steps will take.To view and print a “Request Form – Deficiency Deadline Extension”, click here.Please note that the settlement is for the benefit of two main groups: Please read the information on this Web site very carefully.This will help you to determine whether you are eligible or not for compensation as a member of one of the two groups identified above.Treatment is more effective, more tolerable, and also more costly than ever before.For many years, standard treatment was pegylated interferon plus ribavirin (PR).These regimens are also associated with high costs.

This payment is 0 regardless of how many family members attend the appointment and is paid from August 16, 2016 (date of the last judgement approving the recommendation) and forward only.A copy of the decisions can be found by clicking on the link to the applicable province below.– a fixed amount of money has been allocated to a dedicated fund for the late claims and the Joint Committee is preparing a plan for processing them and paying the eligible ones.This was a combination of injections and oral medications given for up to 48 weeks.About half of patients experienced flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and other side effects related to interferon, and about 1 in 10 had to stop treatment due to side effects.

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