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Julia was a couple of years older than Judith, at forty five, and lived just down the road in a bungalow on the same estate. At eight o'clock she thought it time to have a walk over and see if Jimmy was indeed ok.

As she walked by the side of the house she decided to peek through the sitting room window in case he actually was up to no good.

It was the type of DVD that he couldn't watch in front of his mother. The only one he had promptly dumped him when he dropped his jeans one night in front of her at her house when her parents were out. On his five foot six body it looked even more huge.

Jimmy automatically put his hands over his bulging cock but not before Julia had a good look at it.

'What will your mother have to say when I tell her what a naughty boy her Jimmy has been? I , I er can explain...' 'No need to explain Jimmy boy,' said Julia picking up the DVD case. ' ''s not mine, honest Miss.' Julia liked the fact that he still called her Miss and an idea formed in her head.

It was this big cock he was looking forward to stroking that night.

Judith, his mother eventually came downstairs and asked what Jimmy thought of her attire.

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'Hmmm, you dirty little boy.' she thought as she looked to see Jimmy glued to the television screen and wanking his cock furiously.

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