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For most people a combination of cheap unlimited home broadband and a mobile Wi-Fi dongle for use outside the home will be the best option, but if you’d like to find out more read our guide to using mobile broadband at home. It is much faster than 3G, and even if you cannot get 4G right now the dongle will still work with 3G.

In any case, it is becoming increasingly harder to find new 3G mobile Wi-Fi dongles so you might not have a choice!

In-Car Mobile Wi-Fi router with USB adaptor and double speed 4G data plan Connects up to 10 devices, and charges via your car 12v socket. Wi-Fi access on London Underground via Virgin Media, plus 100MB of free EU roaming data.

Mobile Wi Fi dongles broadcast a local wireless network connection which is available to any (authorised) users in the vicinity, allowing easy sharing of your mobile broadband with any device which supports wireless.

This will tend to increase the higher the download allowance, and decrease the longer the deal.

Remember you’re agreeing to pay this for the duration of the contract, and cancellation can be expensive.

To begin, always check coverage to ensure your chosen network has signal in your area - use the network coverage tools provided above.

Data limit This column will either list the download limit you will have for your mobile Wi-Fi device each month, or the cost of adding an amount of downloadable data on a pay as you go option.

This is one of the most important features to consider when deciding which mobile Wi Fi tariff to go for, as you can save some serious money by taking a lower limit.

Contract Mobile Wi-Fi deals could range from as long as two years to as little as one month, depending on how much you're willing to commit to the mobile network.

As we mentioned above, you'll find that the longer you are willing to sign up for, the cheaper your monthly payments should be.

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