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Wright College Humboldt Park serves approximately 3,500 students eac​​h year, in c​ollege credit, adult education and skills programs.

Each certificate and degree is designed as a stackable credential.

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The College to Careers initiative is designed to help prepare Chicagoans for careers in high-growth industries; more than 24,000 IT job openings are expected to be available in the Chicago area in the next decade.

For more information on the programs available at Wright College Humboldt Park please consult the brochure WR-Humboldt Park Fall 2017​ Click here for the guide to Humboldt Park's student resources: HPVEC Student Resource Guide.pdf​ Need Tutoring?

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Wright College Humboldt Park is excited to launch new Information Technology (IT) college-credit courses in Fall 2015.

Wright College is the hub for IT programs in City Colleges' "College to Careers" initiative.

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