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Inevitably, after a sequence of loving email exchanges, the fraudster’s ‘son’ has to go into hospital for which he needs £300.RSVP Managing Director, Anne Stringer, said: “whilst I think the idea of the programme is great, I think it’s a pity they’ve not highlighted the fact that men are as much at risk as women from internet dating scammers.She was in the process of sending him a further £190,000 when the Danish authorities realised she was being conned and stopped the transfers.

An internet love rat who conned lonely women he met on internet dating sites into handing over nearly £500,000 has been jailed for more than four years.When the Danish authorities contacted the woman and told her they believed she had been conned, she contacted Olasemo and he told her that he owed "militants" in Nigeria money and they had threatened to kidnap him."Unfortunately, she believed the defendant and remained in contact with him for some time until a lady claiming to be the wife of the defendant contacted her after the defendant had sent her a Valentine's Day present in February 2014," Miss Smith said.Within a few weeks of meeting online, the women would be spending hours daily talking to him on the online Yahoo Messenger chat service and genuinely believed they were in relationships with him.He told the first victim that "security restrictions" in Afghanistan prevented them using online video conferencing software to see each other.

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They’re generally very proud of their (especially material) achievements and will tend to advertise those in their online profiles.

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  1. It took me about five minutes to realise that you can quote Germaine Greer till you’re eleventy shades of purple, but when it comes to men and courtship (yes, we are still in the fifties) well… All that stuff about equality of the genders is deeply true and correct, but it doesn’t help a sister one smidgen of an iota when she is Dating Seriously and trying her damnedest to not fuck it up with The Guy.