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Wagner was actually born in Leipzig but moved to Bayreuth at the behest of the Margravine Wilhelmine, wife of the Margrave Frederic, the local rulers.

Wilhelmine was quite the modern woman and was designated to be the queen of England, except some politics got in the way. She brought in famous architects to build herself a new residential palace in town and also to build THE most stunning opera house!

I hopped a train on a Saturday morning in April and settled in for the hour-and-a-half trip.

However, it turned out to be a little over two hours because apparently there was some kind of car accident on a railway overpass somewhere along the way.

Here, you can see the kiosk serves famous sausages (bratwurst) from Bayreuth, Coburg, Bad-Thuringen and Nuremberg.I’d visited there many years ago and vaguely remembered how wonderful it was.And, since all I had were film photos from that visit, I wanted to update my digital inventory with pictures of the Margravine’s opera house and Wagner’s residence.If you want advice about the best time to visit Bavaria, come in the spring just after Easter.The Germans set out thousands and thousands of flowers in every available windowbox and planter.

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