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He then went to UC Davis (University Of California) but when he got asked to go on the Amazing Race with his dad he took a break.In 2015, he made a comment on Instagram stating he had been sick. In 2016, a photo emerged, allegedly of him, with a fan.[1] Reaction to the photo was mixed. He began a blog addressing concerns and curiosities about his life.In this video, Wu talks about stereotypes he has to deal with as an Asian-American.

They ended up in seventh place and were eliminated in Leg 7 after being issued two 30-minute penalties for using a cab to travel between tasks on the leg when they were instructed to walk; another team had also issued a similar penalty and checked in after them, but only had one half-hour penalty, resulting in Kevin and Michael's elimination.However, in an unprecedented move, Kevjumba suddenly ‘went missing’ on the video sharing app in 2013 and fans were quick to come up with their own theories.Some believed that he had left You Tube to pursue acting, while some were certain that he was studying Bhuddism to be a monk.One of hs signature things he does in his videos is that he dances in the begining to a song.July 24, 2008, Kevjumba made a second You Tube channel called Jumba Fund, where the money he earns from the channel he gives to charity.

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