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There is often a sense of ownership and inherent superiority on the part of males towards females even in the loosest of relationships, and a total intolerance of the idea of a female having the audacity to break a relationship.

Let me emphasise again, that this is very much a generalisation, there are men in every culture with such views, but Latino culture has it as a predominant belief.

Still, that’s not stopping some women from defying the odds.

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It is largely a cultural issue, and there are of course always exceptions, and it is very easy to play up stereotypes.

In general, however, Latino culture tends to encourage a “Macho” view of relationships.

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Natalia Walker said her mom expressed reservation when she began dating a black man.

However, over the years Walker resisted the pressures from her family and married her boyfriend over the years.

Lily Hernandez, 27, who is Mexican American, said while her family accepted her white boyfriend, they often get unwelcome stares from strangers.

Conversely Latino girls find greater freedom in a non-Latino relationship, hence your observation of many non-Latino boys dating Latino girls, but few non-Latino girls dating Latino boys.

I am well aware, that there are 1001 exceptions to this generalised statement, but cross cultural relationships between the sexes are often fraught because of differences in expected behaviour, that are often not apparent until conflict occurs.

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