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Issues for which I have no release date are relegated to the bottom of the page.Readers who do not know an album's release year but who do know the album's title will hopefully be aware of the existence of a handy "Find/Search" engine in their computers' browsers (generally located at the top left of the screen, under the "Edit" menu).An ideal companion for Jerome Kern's Music would be Somebody Loves Me: The Beloved Songs Of Buddy De Sylva, which is also awaiting CD issue, and which was also originally released in 1947, about three months after this Kern songbook.Such an album pairing would be not only a logical combination but also an appropriate sequel to an item released some years ago: in 2008, DRG Records issued a CD that combined two other early Capitol albums, Kiss Me, Kate and South Pacific, each consisting of numbers interpreted by members of the label's roster.Primarily, I have indexed three types of albums: LPs, EPs, and 78-rpm albums.CDs have been indexed in a separate page, and the same is true of singles (45-rpm discs, 78-rpm discs, et cetera).When a banana lock comb is used together it can sometimes hold the hair in place better than two individual combs. Banana Lock Combs are not the same thing as banana clips which do not contain combs. For a wide selection of locking, hinged or similar combs visit the Hair Marketplace.

In this 45-rpm album version, "She Didn't Say Yes" is in one side of #15501, whose other side contains "A Fine Romance," as sung by Johnny Mercer and Martha Tilton, in a duet version. Granted that it is too brief to be issued just by itself in one digital disc, such an objection could be bypassed if the album were to be combined with another one.- The Pied Pipers All The Things You Are - Clark Dennis In its original (1947) configuration, Jerome Kern's Music was a 78-rpm album that contained four discs.The 78-rpm discs in the album were numbered 10072, 10073, 10074, and 10075.This popular hair accessory are sometimes called banana clips because when the comb is closed it closely resembles a banana. Some lock combs are available in a range of shapes from goldfish to squares and rectangles. Place the comb underneath the base of your ponytail with the open ends pointing up. Release your ponytail and allow the hair to fall into the open comb. As you lift, draw the ends together until they meet in the center of your head. More Info: To see more Banana Lock Comb images visit The Hair Marketplace. These locking combs come in a range of sizes from mini, small, medium, large or very large. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be found embellished with crystals or similar stones. Smooth your hair to the back of your head using the brush to help remove any bumps.

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Page generated on Sep 16, 2017 Title: [Various Artists] New American Jazz (Criterion Series)Artist: Special Ensemble, created for the occasion Format: 78-rpm album Label: CAPITOL Cat. (pdr), (arr), Barney Bigard (cl), Les Robinson (as), Eddie Miller (ts), Clarence "Shorty" Sherock (t), Nappy Lamare (g), Hank Wayland (b), Pete Johnson (p), Stanley Wrightsman (cel), Nick Fatool (d), Peggy Lee (v)NOTES: Comments About This Issue New American Jazz (Set A-3) was only the third album ever released by Capitol Records.

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