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The law sets the minimum legal marriage age at 20, and allows women to negotiate marriage rights prior to marriage. 10 also prohibits husbands from causing physical or mental harm to their wives, though the social stigma against raising complaints of domestic violence limits enforcement of this law.

Similarly, many rape victims do not press charges because of the risk that they will be charged with extramarital sex or will shame their families.

That is why the Nationality Law begins by creating an "establishment citizenship," by providing that a person who was normally resident in Libya on 7 October 1951, the date the new state constitution was adopted, and was not of a foreign nationality, among other conditions, to be a Libyan citizen.

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Before 2010, Libyan women had to get permission from the Libyan Government to marry a non-Libyan; otherwise, the marriage is not legally binding and any children born to the union as illegitimate.

Abortion is illegal except when necessary to preserve the life of the mother.

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