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"Everyone thinks I'm going to actually live on the block. That doesn't happen." Triforce maintains that the following additional rules are official, and they probably are, in the sense that someone with authority is unlikely to bother refuting them. To maintain his spot at the front of the line, Triforce must be in front of the Nintendo Store from before it opens until after it closes.Friends and a handful of security guards are allowed to protect the spot for him during the occasional meal or break. As first person in line, Triforce holds the first four to five slots.A blanket given to him by Nintendo at the Nintendo 3DS launch does a pathetic job of fending off the elements."I only stand under the awning when it's really bad," the popsicle says. They said, 'Hey man, do this for five years, and we'll get a position for you.' I'm not waiting five years. If you accept a nine-to-five and you're able to do better, then you're a sucker." Triforce jumped from Goldman Sachs for a job at the Game Stop on 34th St.Triforce stores the gloves in a cardboard box in his bedroom, but hopes to one day display them in a glass case. Triforce didn't wait outside the Nintendo Store during the storm itself. "If you don't show up for your job, you're fired." Playing Nintendo games is fun. When he says he's retiring, I now understand he means the words literally. Admittedly, I struggle to distinguish between the official rules and those he creates as de facto leader of the line.But after two days of subway closures, he walked three hours from Crown Heights to his spot in Manhattan. The one rule I know to be true: Triforce is allowed to wait outside the Nintendo Store while it is open, from 9 a.m. When the store closes, his security and well-being become the responsibility of Rockefeller Plaza's guards, the stewards of the broader swath of private property on which he waits.He's already been in line for 10 days, though he appears well rested.

Today he reserves the accessory for special gaming events. Previous gloves have been signed by industry luminaries like Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, video game record keeper Walter Day and professional gamer Fatal1ty. The next time I see Triforce is a week after Hurricane Sandy, two weeks before the Nintendo Wii U's launch.A man named Triforce waits on a patch of sidewalk just outside the Nintendo World Store in Midtown Manhattan.Here, at midnight on November 18, the self-declared superfan will be the first to purchase the new Nintendo Wii U video game console.With great power comes great responsibility, but everyone needs a bathroom break. In inclement weather, Triforce can huddle beneath the awning 30 feet down the block.When I visit Triforce later that week, during a Nor'easter, I find him like a popsicle, a shivering, rigid man being pelted by a wintery mix of snow, ice and the gnarly frozen dust that kicks up off the streets in Midtown Manhattan.

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"One time I got a hundred dollar tip for helping an old lady to her car," Triforce says.

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