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(See Video: the dressing room of the future)Video: 4 credit card reward hacks -- Here are four of our favorite hacks to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend. (See Video: Credit card reward hacks)Video: Drawing down debt -- When it comes to getting rid of debt, you've got to be creative and one artist took that idea to a new level when she drew out the statements of every one of her credit cards until they were paid off ...

This form of verification sends a text message or call to the user's phone with a code as a second verification step.

(See Budget)Video: Tips when applying for a new card -- Make applying for a new card a painless and successful process by following these tips ...

(See Credit)Video: 4 ways students can build credit -- For students and graduates, the time is now to build credit so you can buy a car, rent an apartment and build credit history ...

The code must be typed in before the account can be opened.

Instructions on how to enable two-step authentication is on the Yahoo website.

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Look carefully, because not all emails that look like they come from Yahoo are legit.

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