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Since then she has disappeared entirely and her brother is concerned that she is in the thrall of a vampire.The witcher agrees to take to job and begins keeping an eye out for any information on the whereabouts of the blue-eyed lass.As Geralt walks into The New Narakort one sunny day, he notices a knight of the Order, Patrick de Weyze, sitting at a table near the door and decides to get some news of Siegfried.After getting a quick update, the conversation turns to matters more important to the knight. It seems that she was found unconscious with blood trickling from her neck one morning not too long ago.Once upstairs, he meets the Queen of the Night, accompanied by several Sisters of the Night.

They negotiate and a deal is struck, provided the witcher has the courtesy of bathing first, not necessarily alone, mind you.So the witcher decides to go back and let Patrick know what he has found.De Weyze is not amused by the assumption that his sister is a prostitute and blusters that she would never lower herself to such a degrading lifestyle, but the witcher points out that she does match the description in every detail, right down to the scar on her neck, so the knight must concede that it is indeed his sister who is turning tricks at the brothel.She points out that she knew him, he never knew her.She knew him to be a close friend of her ex-lover, Regis (the vampire that Dandelion spoke of during Shani's party), who died fighting at the witcher's side.

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