[T]here can be no law and order without justice." The Court Years In November of 1972, Hugh R.

Judge Jones married Jean Mc Millen on July 3, 1937 at St.

Jones assumed the presidency of the New York State Bar Association late in 1971, America was fighting a divisive war after a decade of protest, assassinations and change.

He was admitted to the New York Bar early the following year and practiced as an associate at Burke & Burke in New York City until the outbreak of World War II.Family gatherings meant evenings of storytelling about family lore and the experiences he and Jean had enjoyed together. Sightseeing, gourmet, shopping, lodgings, Wi-Fi spots, ATMs, route guidance, and more: all the information you need in one place!On top of that, Shinjuku is also one of Tokyo’s premier shopping spots, with numerous bigger and smaller stores handling souvenirs, apparel, accessories, and more.From cheap to expensive, second-hand to international brands, shoppers will have the time of their life in Shinjuku!

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