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But like Fitzgerald, Scott is doubtful about dating locally.“I haven’t found too many women my age who are as active as I am.

(Note: Everyone who contributed to this article agreed there were exceptions to this perception.) “I’m not interested in starting my night off at 12 a.m.,” Emerson Scott said. I just want to go out to dinner, have some wine, go home and watch a movie.” Scott is a widower of 17 years and relatively new to the island.

“You only have so much time, so casual dating doesn’t seem fair to me,” he said.

“Think about someone who has been married 20-plus years, gets divorced and is suddenly single, and they have to sift through the maze of people to find someone they can connect with.” As a solution, many singles—whether they have been married before or not—turn to online dating as a time and energy saver.

How the website creates revenue is a critical determinant of whether you'll need a business license.

For example, most websites will generate revenue through selling ads on the website or through membership fees.

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