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Maybe something like lingerie wrestling, lingerie football, or something really perverted where it's not uncommon for sexual activities to occur in the field of play.Maybe a sexual version of flag football where defenders have to strip the dildo carrier down, or have something like flash ball where play is continuous and play doesn't stop much (similar to soccer).[3D VIDEO] The Secret Skinship of Mama & Me Takaya-kun loves his mommy and his mother Emiko loves him in return.So much in fact, that they've been indulging in sexual acts for a long looong time.How does this sound as an introduction to ' Tales from Earth-69'? I also witness ' Mars-289', where life has inhabited Mars.All human beings are of brown skin and carry with them enormous bulbous sacks of pus they have collected from each others spots during puberty. In the following pages and chapters, I compile stories from ' Earth-69'. You, sitting behind the screen right now, reading my words.In Earth-69 it is not uncommon to find a man having sex with a dog in a shopping centre.

Would also be interesting if there were a higher rate of kids being born as a middle sex, like futas/dickgirls in a society trying to educate kids about all things sex (including science) and not just standard things. I witness ' Earth-21', where every living human being is the exact same person - Michael Jones, a thirty-two year old used car salesman with a persistent stomach ulcer and sever eczema behind his left ear.

The lolis using their sexual wiles and education, take advantage of the guy's unmistakeable horniness and shower him with loli group sex.

Gradually, this once reluctant guy is turned into a full blown loli lover, becoming a much different person than before while now craving the taste of loli pussy and ass.

So common in fact that it can be had with anyone at any time in any place.

I wish I could take you to this universe, but I am just a curator.

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