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We are also involved in research projects requiring gammaspectrometry.

Applications involve measurement of artificial radionuclides in sediments (such as Pb.

We recommend using steel cylinders to collect sediment samples as they are easy to use and transport and protect samples from ambient light. Sedimentology of a debris-rich, perhumid valley glacier margin in the Rakaia Valley, South Island, New Zealand.

The steel cylinders used by our laboratory have a diameter of 60mm and are 100 mm in length, with a sharp edge on one side.

The stratigraphy, timing and climatic implications of pre-LGM glaciolacustrine deposits in the middle Rakaia Valley, South Island, New Zealand.

Quaternary deformation along the Wharekauhau fault system, North Island, New Zealand: Implications for an unstable linkage between active strike-slip and thrust faults.

This price includes all irradiation and luminescence measurements required to obtain the equivalent dose, and high resolution laboratory gamma-spectrometry for dose rate determination.

Our pricing only covers our costs and is not for profit. Aeolianite, calcrete/microbialite and karst in southwestern Australia as indicators of Middle to Late Quaternary palaeoclimates.

Hammer in a cylinder so it is fully filled and carefully dig it out.

Cover both ends of the cylinder with aluminium foil and/or thick black plastic, and tape it so it is light proof and watertight.4. Avoid sampling in inhomogenous surroundings (stay more than 25 cm away from inhomogenities like gravel beds or bedrock)6. Ensure the sample material cannot move or mix inside the cylinder, by stuffing aluminium foil into both ends of the cylinder. We reserve the right to reject samples if we consider them unsuitable for luminescence dating.

The other room houses most of the modern electronic equipment, including: Please contact Ningsheng Wang (MSc.) for more information.

Our luminescence dating service is available for researchers in New Zealand and overseas.

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