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Those who arrived in San Francisco faced harsh interrogations, humiliating medical examinations, and long detentions in the unsanitary barracks on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.In the past 50 years, Chinese immigration has undergone a dramatic transformation.Chinese sailors were among the crew on a ship that arrived in Baltimore in 1784.Chinese immigrants were living in New York City in the 1830s.

Dussel told me Mexico imports about 14 Chinese products for every one product it exports. And while not all imbalances are bad, Mexico and China are both competing largely for who has the cheapest labor, and that makes them less than ideal trading partners. Bush to Barack Obama has looked at NAFTA as a success, and in that time Mexico grew reliant on its neighbor’s market. corn, is openly talking with Brazil and Argentina for corn.

These Chinese immigrants faced a tremendous hostility, despite amounting to only a small fraction of the total foreign-born population in the United States in the late 19th century. passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which barred Chinese laborers, prohibited all Chinese immigrants from becoming naturalized citizens, and allowed only select classes of Chinese to apply for admission.

They were charged with taking away jobs, corrupting white women, and threatening American civilization. While the act was in effect—from 1882 to 1943—Chinese immigrants became America’s first “illegal” immigrants.

S., but this is unlikely because it could spark a trade war.

So if NAFTA did end, it’s trade would likely continue at WTO tariff rates, making many products from Mexico more expensive, but leaving intact the flow of trade.

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