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Poppa Spiegel even handed over decorating duties – and a sizeable budget – to his son.

So, what would any right-minded teenager do with home makeover carte blanche?

It's amazing what dating celeb can do for your social profile, even when you're already a successful, self-made billionaire.

Obviously it helps when that celeb is 33-year-old Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, which is probably why you've been hearing a lot about Evan Spiegel recently.

Leaked emails show a different, unpleasant side to Spiegel Things you expect to be included in emails from the CEO of a multi-billion dollar tech start-up:- Insightful thought on emerging markets and audience habits.- Slight humility and an awareness of the fickle nature of the app market.- An admirable determination to shirk the odds and succeed where others have failed.

Things you don't expect in emails from the future CEO of a multi-billion dollar tech start-up:- Misogynistic jokes about getting girls drunk enough to sleep with you.- Anecdotes about drunkenly urinating on said girls.- Marijuana and cocaine-based brags and a general sense of sexism, homophobia and racism.

Miranda is known for her overdrawn red lips, questionable advice about singing and life, a deluded self-confidence, and over-the-top rants about her family and personal problems.

Colleen is also the co-author of the New York Times #1 Bestselling book Selp Helf , alongside her brother/producing partner, Chris Ballinger.

- Spiegel's fortune marks him out as the 418th wealthiest man in the United States and the guy with the 99th deepest pockets in the tech sector.

He's a university dropout Joining the same club as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, in 2012 Evan dropped out of Stanford and his course in Product Design.

Despite being a frat house favorite, he failed to graduate, quitting college just a few credits short of earning his degree.

The character Miranda was created in 2008 and became mainstream when Colleen received a personal call from Jerry Seinfeld to appear on his series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and subsequently The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon .

‘Miranda’s’ origins were intended as a parody of the young, self-absorbed singers with more far more confidence (and vibrato) than talent which Colleen saw uploading videos to You Tube.

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