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It's estimated that nearly half of people over age 65 have sleeping difficulties.This can stem from changes in lifestyle, such as napping more during the day, discomfort from physical conditions, such as arthritis, and emotional difficulties and depression.Check Your Heartburn Symptoms But lifestyle habits can play a leading role in quality of sleep, too, or lack thereof.So the first thing you should do is analyze your patterns and environment.If worse comes to worst, a sleeping pill could help.Sleeping pills are safe and effective in moderation.

Older people tend to need a little less -- about 7.5 hours.

Research shows that nicotine is linked to problems with insomnia.

Hunt says smoking within a few hours of bedtime should be avoided; better yet, don't smoke at all.

The National Sleep Foundation reports the effects of caffeine can cause problems falling asleep as much as 10-12 hours later in some people.

Nicotine often falls below the radar screen when it comes to sleep interruption, but it, like caffeine, is actually a stimulant.

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