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When sex is introduced as two people are getting to know each other, the couple dwells so much on sex that they miss out on other important things about each other. When you love someone and you trust them, often you might not use protection during sex.

You are basically saying to your significant other, “Ugh, you sitting there like a sad sack of unsatisfied shit is making me feel bad.Sometimes, for no reason whatsoever, you may just fancy an afternoon lying in bed by yourself with your cat and your computer, and that’s okay. Perhaps counter-intuitively, maintaining this kind of healthy independence will improve your relationship and bring you and your partner closer together. As a final word of warning, make sure you know the difference between maintaining independence and plain old neglect.If it gets to the point where you really have no desire to prioritize your partner, ever, then you’ll have to ask yourself what it is you really want—the answer may not be your partner.With your schedule gradually diverging from your partner’s to the degree that sleeping next to one another is the whole of your time together, “intimate evenings” become solo journeys through the World Wide Web’s finest screw films, and a tea candle on the mantle for the nights you want to feel a sense of magic.There is nothing wrong with being self-sufficient, especially if you get a nice saxophone solo going in the background and remember to turn on safe-search, but if you want to get your relationship fired back up, you need to acknowledge that the pilot light of your romance went out a while ago.

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It’s awfully sweet that you’re aware of your selfishness and want me to provide you with the metaphorical matches to get this fire in your loins lit again, but it’s important to examine your motivation.

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