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Last year Professor Morean's team announced that they believed stone age blacksmiths mastered the use of fire to make tools at Pinnacle Point.Knowing how to use fire may have helped the early humans who left Africa 50,000 to 60,000 years ago to cope with colder conditions in Europe.In 1956, Tuba City became a uranium boomtown, as the regional office for the Rare Metals Corporation Arizona does not currently observe Daylight Saving Time, though the Navajo reservation does.In practice the community has a varied observance: tribal offices and schools observe DST, while most businesses do not.

The sudden change in temperature wiped out many species elsewhere around 195,000 years ago.) is an unincorporated town in Coconino County, Arizona, on Navajo lands, in the United States.It is the second-largest community in Coconino County.Professor Marean said the caves contain archaeological remains going back at least 164,000 years.Professor Chris Stringer, a human origins expert at the Natural History Museum in London, said he agreed with Professor Marean's views on the early evolution of intelligence.

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