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Sites such as the following have collections of poetry perfect for teens: Writing and reading poetry can be a fulfilling experience. Poetry is a great way for teens to express their love and get their feelings written down on paper.There is no heavier feeling than being swept off your feet into a romance by reading teenage romance poems.The man that I'm with is all that I need though, he has his faults--this I will concede.Our time together feels like cloud nine and I know our love can stand the test of time.As I see you in the hallway I know that I am blessed to have a girl as great as you as you are above the rest.Our love, it makes me smile even when I am the deepest blue.I hope that our love is strong enough to last through all the long nights.

I have to remind myself, inhale, exhale, just breathe, Just one at a time, because I can't believe I am here with you, staring at the movie screen, but ever aware, Of you.

Half or more of all adult love doesn't last a lifetime either. Who among us, after all, can ever forget our first love?

One of the best things about being a teenager is falling in love with someone.

You can use the following teen poems about love as inspiration for writing your own.

I love you so much that it makes me cry I would do anything for you, even die I wanna tell you these things if I could, if I may but it's one of those things that to you I can't say I would climb up a mountain to hear you talk I would swim the Atlantic to watch you walk I would love to tell you it would make my day It's just one of the little things that to you I can't say I wanna make you believe all the things that I feel I wanna let you know what I feel is for real I know for these feelings I'm gonna pay, but unfortunately, I can't say I look your way and almost faint It's so hard acting like a saint I would like to tell you, it would blow you away Unfortunately I can't say!

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