Recovery singles dating

It is a crap shoot, much like meeting people in real life.

I keep my profile up and I check my matches periodically but that's about the extent of it now.

I need to focus on just being friends and friendly with people and trust that eventually someone will come along that will be the right fit. I know you didn't ask for advice so I'm not giving any, just support LOL!

Hugs, Kellye Thanks Kellye, I agree with you on all the above.

I have done (and do) the whole internet dating for a while. I'm sorry you had the experience that you did but there are sick people everywhere.

I decided to join one of those internet dating sites, in my profile I stated that I am not into head games at all.

I recieved a few responses and was upfront about my sobriety. It seems when I mentioned my sobriety that was the last I heard from a few of the women.

I would have clicked the divorce button because i really thought i was going to be that insinct i hit separated... I was in a very bad relationship before I quit drinking and it did hurt really bad.

I thaught that I was ready but I am not, I need to work on myself to heal.

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