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That being said, the lies were generally small, and were about height, weight, or age. For example, you could fudge your height a little to get into the ideal range.One study from University of Chicago and MIT researchers found that men between 6'3" and 6'4" and women between 5'3" and 5'8" get the most first-contact emails.You can fudge a bit on your weight, or add an inch to your height, and chances are, when you meet someone in person, they won't be able to tell the difference.It's fairly common to lie while online dating, in fact — a 2011 study infound that 81 percent of online dating users studied lied about themselves.As you move past that 17 to 23 day sweet spot and continue talking just online, she says, you might begin to envision someone as friendlier, say, or as having a deeper voice.Filling in those gaps with your imagination can later lead to disappointment, Sumner says.If you're tempted to lie, ask yourself how obvious you think your lie would be if you met someone in person.

Men on average sent more than three times as many first messages than women did.About one in 10 American adults has dated online, and 5 percent of people in a committed relationship say they met their partner online.What does it take to turn a zillion options on the internet into an actual date — and maybe even a happy relationship?And there's a good chance that many of them are fibbing.In his book Ok Cupid founder Christian Rudder says that men's claimed height Ok Cupid and claimed heights from US Census data are markedly different.

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