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They like to turn on their charms and captivate the female species – especially if they have the face and figure that could launch a thousand ships – but it certainly does not mean that they’re thinking of of cheating on their wives.

Even men in conservative professions like to have some fun and engage in small talk and dish out compliments.

Variety’s the spice of life These are the men who made a lifetime commitment and intend on honoring that commitment, but who’s to stop them from having something different once in awhile?

Women are unable to find a suitable mate, so they steal someone else’s These are the “not so lucky in love” types who end up with men who are already taken because they have problems attracting an unattached member of the opposite sex.

But what if you didn’t know that the man you’re currently dating is married?

While some men see no point to hiding the fact that they’re married, others will use every trick in the book to conceal it.

A smart woman, however, should be able to tell, especially if she’s been going out with him for a few weeks. “It’s your cell” Married men will either keep their cell phones off while on a date, or will excuse themselves when it rings and say, “a client from out of town…” “Let’s meet at your place” Did you ever wonder why he’s always at your place but has never invited you to his?

“You’re so vague…” A married man can’t afford to divulge too much about himself.

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If women feel they’re getting too attached with their married doctors, lawyers and accountants, then they should make an effort to go out and meet more men. We urge you to evaluate the relationship in terms of where it’s going – or if it’s going anywhere at all.

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