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Adding to complexity of the relationship, Wallace supposedly broke off with Ruby Lin (林心如) because of Ruby’s more successful career.Wallace’s representative brushed off Wallace’s rumors with Ruby, which circulated since last year.Despite this, the 33-year-old actress still carefully manages her spending and handles all matters personally.

Michelle and Wallace collaborated in 2005’s , Wallace had many questions for the more experienced Michelle.47 year old Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) was married to 35 year old Shawn Zhang (張倫碩) in 2016 and their family life has always been the centre of attraction.They were seen at the airport earlier and Shawn was playing with his mobile while Christy was standing behind him. And nope it’s not who you think, but it’s none other than this certain Weibo blogger who was able to attend top Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin’s 40th birthday celebration. All of my photos in this post came from her (so all the credits to her! Before we start with this fangirling galore, let’s greet Ruby Lin and pause for awhile to think how could she look so youthful at 40?! ❤ it’s completely wrong not to see this lady beside Ruby because these two have been inseparable as seen below thanks to the Best Drama of the 2015 Golden Bell Awards, “The Way We Were” , where she won Best Supporting Actress thanks to Ruby’s good producing/casting skills 😀 She also got a photo with Melvin Sia, another “The Way We Were” cast member ❤ and you know what’s better than an individual photo? I will be immature and quickly assume that at least one of the main cast members isn’t on good terms with Leroy Young because he actually never appeared in any of their mini-TWWW reunions @[email protected] he’s isolating himself from the group just like how it was in the drama… I find it touching as Jiro’s literally everywhere around the world but he still found time for this celebration. Ruby’s male lead in the 2012 C-drama attended her party!

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