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Option 2: Reactivate Tableau after restarting the slideshow Second option is to activate Tableau again after restarting the slideshow using the VBA command App Activate.

Simply add the following line to the end of the VBA sub (i.e.

without the use of an add-in) to Andy Kriebel’s great post on how to embed a Tableau dashboard in Power Point.

Both Andy and I used the word “embed” in the titles of our posts. Using a web browser control object navigating to a Tableau workbook stored on a server like Tableau Public is not really embedding the workbook.

So, here is today’s challenge: embed a full packaged workbook into Power Point and provide a way to open it directly during the slide show.Next, go back to Power Point, click on the Developer Tab and on Image (Active X control): Right click on the inserted Active X Image control on your slide, select Properties, go to the property Picture, click on the three dots at the right and browse to the image. Slide Index ' Exit the Slide Show Active Presentation. I can't tell you no lies: you will see some flickering of the screen, but from my point of view this is an acceptable disadvantage. Start your Power Point slide show and click on the image.You should see something like this now: Step 4: The VBA Double click on the image. For those among you working with VBA in Excel: this is the case because unlike Excel, Power Point has no Application. Seamlessly (well almost) Tableau will be opened and you can fully interact with the embedded workbook. Cut Copy Mode = False End Sub It will open Power Point, create a new slide and insert selected chart into that slide.Yesterday’s post Embed Tableau Visualizations in Power Point described three stand-alone alternatives (i.e.

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