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This site currently will be auctioning off Malheur Counties computer surplus, in the future it may have more inventory depending on individual departments that wish to use it.

As in modern elephants, Most accounts of gut contents have identified coniferous twigs as the dominant element in their diet.

Other accounts (Burning tree mastodon) have reported no coniferous content and suggest selective feeding on low, herbaceous vegetation, implying a mixed browsing and grazing diet, The range of most species of Mammut is unknown as their occurrences are restricted to few localities, the exception being the American mastodon (M.

The change was met with resistance, and authors sometimes applied "Mastodon" as an informal name; consequently it became the common term for members of the genus. americanum, the American mastodon, the best known and the last species of Mammut.

Its earliest occurrences date from the early-middle Pliocene (early Blancan stage).

furlongi, named from remains found in the Juntura Formation of Oregon, dating from the late Miocene.

Stack of balanced rocks isolated over a background " data-medium-file=" Therapy-329x680-300x145.jpg" data-large-file=" Therapy-329x680.jpg" /Concept lifestyle image of a signpost directing Work Life Balance against a blue cloudy sky.Malheur County is located in beautiful Eastern Oregon.It is a place filled with fascinating history, diverse landscape and friendly people.Compared to mammoths, mastodons had shorter legs, a longer body and were more heavily muscled, a build similar to that of the current Asian elephants. americanum was around 2.3 m (7 ft 7 in) in height at the shoulders, corresponding to a large female or a small male, but large males could grow up to 2.8 m (9 ft 2 in) in height.However, the 35-year-old specimen AMNH 9950 grew 2.89 metres (9.5 ft) tall and weighed 7.8 tonnes (7.7 long tons; 8.6 short tons), and another male grew 3.25 metres (10.7 ft) tall and weighed 11 tonnes (11 long tons; 12 short tons).

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