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‘I like public transport because it’s convenient, and I also get to interact with people who I might not see every day and get to really observe them, rather than whizzing past in a car.’ She once remarked that as a child she used to like watching strangers – a factor which surely helped with her later transition into acting.

‘Maybe it’s genetic because my sister Laura is similar – we must have been the most extraordinarily creepy kids, sitting there staring at people!

‘Let’s face it, it’s definitely better than them saying I’m yesterday’s news.’), but a darling of the industry she undoubtedly is.

Agents fell over themselves in the scramble to sign her, and in the past few months alone she has added to her extensive list of accolades by winning the Best Actress gongs at both the British Independent Film Awards (where, ironically, she beat Meryl Streep for her portrayal of Thatcher in The comment is telling, not only because hardly anyone in image-conscious Los Angeles admits to riding the bus, but also because few actresses who have completed work on a Tom Cruise blockbuster would be seen dead on one.

As with any other marginalized group, it's tricky to make a movie about the queer community—even if the filmmakers responsible are members of the tribe.

There's a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't nature to the audience's response.

‘All I want to do is explore people from all kinds of different backgrounds and situations.

I’m not interested in playing the same character over and over again.’.

'It was quite a male set, but it’s not really an extraordinary thing because as [an actress] you spend your time with lots of men and that hasn’t really changed since Shakespearean times.It’s the grim reality – but it’s not so grim because I like men and it was an interesting film to make.’Andrea once remarked that it was Shakespeare, or ‘my friend William’ as she put it, who inspired her to become an actress, and though she can occasionally come across in interviews as somewhat earnest, in person she’s exceedingly warm and friendly.We meet in a café near her home in LA’s artsy Los Feliz neighbourhood – or rather one of her temporary homes, given that work has taken her everywhere recently including Louisiana, Vancouver and South Africa.‘But our house is in Idaho, just outside Boise,’ says Andrea.‘It’s breathtakingly beautiful there – so natural and fresh and extraordinary.’Andrea lives with her boyfriend, artist and Idaho native Joe Appel, whom she met four years ago at the premiere of a Woody Allen film in LA.

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