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The situation deteriorated rapidly, with outbursts of violence and bloodshed in riots between Muslims on the one hand, and Sikhs and Hindus on the other.With independence and partition the larger, western, portion of Punjab was allocated to Pakistan, now a Muslim state.

In the ensuing strife and consequent power vacuum emerged Ranjit Singh.Sikh men are most easily identifiable through their wearing of the turban.The creation of this community marked a change of emphasis which led Sikhism away from its traditional peaceful course into a more warlike stance, and although not all Sikhs adopted the baptismal tokens, bearded and turbaned members of the Khalsa came to be recognized as guardians of Sikh orthodoxy.The majority of Sikh refugees settled in the Indian part of Punjab, although many moved to Delhi and other neighbouring regions.In 1966 the new Sikh-majority state of Punjab was created, but various complex issues remained unresolved.

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