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She’s almost militant about it, screaming “No negativity!” at a man who’s been stuck against the side of her train for days. ), she hones in on Lisa’s sadness, and then takes it upon herself to follow her around everywhere and poke and prod her into cheering up.I really don’t feel like sugar coating it; from beginning to end, Gaga is the star of the show, adored by all, and inexplicably saves the day in the end.We even get an original song out of her, but you could’ve fooled me that it was meant to be funny, because most of the way through, I thought it was some shameless cross-promotion of her newest album.

The reaction: Remember that desperate marketing gimmick…Three items of note: – I really do try to avoid direct comparisons to classic shows as much as I can, but seeing this, I would be shocked if it wasn’t the writers’ intention to try to recreate “Stark Raving Dad.” It was a similar scenario for the staff twenty years prior, a larger than life superstar wanting to do a voice on the show.Michael Jackson was an even bigger name for his time than Gaga, and the episode could have easily been just a big lovefest.First off, I honestly and truly don’t understand this relationship.It was barely explained at all in “The Nedliest Catch,” the show thrust them together on one lunch date, followed by a montage of their relationship growing, but we never see exactly they care about each other, much less come to love each other. And we’re going to do a relationship episode about these two characters who we don’t really get why they’re together. Even worse, it seems to all be about Flanders fretting that their marriage isn’t perfect because he disagrees with Edna about certain things.

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