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Can be used in a live-support configuration, as a registered users only chat, or as a free-for-all chat.i need some graphic designers and some testing staff for scripts those who are intrested can email or pm me other thing is support is totally free so visit the support url and ask the solutions of your problems.i am looking for branch owners from every country for orgnize things those who are intrested can email or pm me.Zoho Connect is a team collaboration app, that unifies people, resources, and the apps they need.Put a highly customizable chatroom right on your website.Works with most PHP/My SQL forums and portals, or as a stand-alone chatroom.By allowing users to ask questions that may be added to the knowledge base and powerful rating and commenting features.

The main features are: -List of logged-in users -Light to show when others are typing -100% AJAX-based -Copy and paste installation -Translations -Logs almost everything -Optional password to restrict strangers -Bad word filter -Very secure -Graphical Configuration -CSS Styling -Smileys -Free email support (script_cha mp[at]Bernstei n For Presi dent[dot]com) -and MUCH MUCH MORE!Dating software, dating script, social network software, matchmaking software, personals script, dating site software, community software and dating site solution - names are many, but there is only one product that brings you the best of online dating industry trends.Ska Date is PHP/My SQL/Ajax powered dating script with object oriented programming approach in development.Currently integrates with 30 content systems including php BB, Joomla, Drupal, e107, php FOX, Word Press, v Bulletin, etc and Custom Built Databases Hablator is the greatest casual chat script ever!It offers all of the features of the "big boys" without a database, all while maintaining the informal feel a shoutbox captures.

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