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However, my skill as an editor keeps wanting to jump in and 'auto-correct' as I'm reading. With the Harry Potter universe, I enjoy a good 'ship', except where Hermione ends up with Ron and Harry ends up with Ginny. And, as for Harry and Ginny, talk about an oedipal complex.

Harry will be with Ginny because she looks like his mother? I think JKR's first thought of topping Ron in her fifth book - I think - was actually a sound one.

Locked in his room like a prisoner he reaches his wits end. Realistic characters and some bashing, HHR with less focus on pairings.

After all, the greater majority of such reviews are always posted as 'Guest' reviews. Because they're too much the coward to actually use their real accounts to post such rubbish.(alt title: Disproportionate response). After the death of his godfather Harry is an angry young man. Armed with knowledge, Family Magik, and supported by many cousins, Harry takes Magical England by storm.Two shot – COMPLETEWhat if Harry didn't bump into the Weasleys at Kings Cross on his first day? There is a small bit of romance, but it's not what the story is about. Harry has been in love with Hermione for years but she is marrying his best friend.During Ron and Hermione's wedding Harry finds himself having to work out why the leading official is calling Hermione 'Mrs. Harry is adopted by a black shaggy dog when he leaves Privet Drive after blowing up Aunt Marge.In canon, Susan's aunt died in an attack on her home, then - probably - the soon-to-be Minister Bones. Hermione with anyone but Ron (and bigotted pure-bloods like Malfoy). Abuse is abuse; whether it's physical, verbal, emotional or psychological.Of course, we don't see a lot of interaction of Harry with others; but, we really don't know what happened in that 19 years, do we? And Dumbledore knew, by his own words, it would happen, and happening.

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